Relationships / Talks

Partnership between Parents: An Essential Ingredient for Success

  • Why is our marriage different since we have had kids?
  • How can I keep Dad more involved in family life?
  • How can we maintain the satisfaction of our marriage while building a happy family?

Created specifically for new moms and dads, this talk helps spouses to cultivate friendship in their marriage and navigate conflict with their spouses during (and after) the transition into parenthood. Through practical tools and discussion, we find ways to maintain intimacy and build satisfaction as a couple, while raising happy and responsible children. 

Extending Your Hand: Learning how to Support Family/Friends through Grief and Mourning

  • What are the right words for a family when a loved one has died?
  • What if I say or do something that, after thinking about it, seems inappropriate?
  • How can I provide comfort for a person experiencing grief? How long can I expect grief to last?

This interactive class aims to help people support their friends and family following the death of a loved one. Through this workshop, you will deepen your understanding of the grief process and enhance your ability to support grieving children, adolescents, and adults in your community. Through a safe and dynamic atmosphere, we will build your own inner strength to reach out to friends and family members with enhanced comfort and compassion.