Parenting / Talks

Promoting Secure Attachment between Babies & their Caregivers

  • What exactly is secure attachment and does it really matter?
  • How can I create a strong attachment with my baby while also taking care of myself?
  • I hear so much about attachment- what is real and what is a myth?

We will learn simple and powerful tools to enhance your baby’s attachment to you and others, while also discussing the importance of nurturing yourself and becoming a strong role model for your child.

Preparing to Launch: Managing You & Your Teen’s Challenging Feelings

  • How do I get my teen to finish her college applications on time?
  • I am worried about my teen’s stress- what can I do to support him/her?
  • How can I fight less with my teen during our last year at home together?

Learn how to be more supportive of your teen and how to best manage conflict at home. You will gain practical tools while increasing your understanding of teen development, balanced parenting, and effective limit setting.